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Welcome to the Ames Society's website

We are dedicated to the genealogy and information of people with the surname Ames or Eames and their descendants.  To read more about the Ames and Eames surnames and their variant spellings, click here.

We are here to serve our members and others who seek out their connection to an Ames line. To that end, anyone can ask our researchers a question about an Ames or Eames in North American.  Click on Ask a Researcher. Our research team will try to help you seek your past. There is a researcher who cares for the descendants of each of the landed Ames or Eames in the New World.

We have samples of the information available for our members in webpages you can access using the buttons above.  We have a meeting every 2 years in New England that you can read about under Convention. Our members have access to research and articles composed by our Shepherds and other members along with photos and other graphics relating to Ames.  To see more about the advantages of membership, click here.  Please consider joining the Ames Society.

If you have any questions about the Ames Society, please email the President of the Ames Society.