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Clothing and Accessories

The Ames Society has arranged to have clothing and accessories made available to our members.  You will also be able to use the Ames Society logo on many of the items.  Choose from woven shirts, polos/knits, caps, bags, blankets, robes, towels, aprons, fleece, etc.  Also available are non-embroidered items, such as shirts/active wear, pants, shorts, and infant/toddlers apparel.  If you wish to personalize by adding a name, or would like items without embroidery, simply specify when ordering.

Click here to order items directly from the vendor.


Key Ring

This key ring made of quality plastic from Australia. On one side, there is the Ames/Eames coat of arms.  The other side has our website address.  If you ever lose it, anyone who found it may inform us and we will then notify all the key ring owners of a “lost and found” and you can retrieve it. 

Cost of $7.50 each.  Number of key rings desired:  

Refrigerator Magnet

Enjoy this 2 3/4 inch wide by 3 1/4 inch long magnet on your refrigerator or any other metal surface.

Cost of $2.00 each.  Number of magnets desired:  


Start your morning off right with coffee in a mug showing your pride in being an Ames. This sturdy cup is made of ceramic and holds 15 ounces.

Cost of $15.00 each.  Number of mugs desired:  

AS Car Decal

Show your Ames pride by placing the Ames Shield on your car window. Front and back.

Cost of $2.00 each.  Number of AS car decals desired:  
AS car logo

Type in your information and print this page out.  Mail it to the address below with your payment.  Shipping to any US address included.


Street Address: 

City:     State:     ZipCode:   Country: 

Total Amount Enclosed: $ 

      Please make checks payable to:  The Ames Society

      Print and mail this form and payment to:

        The Ames Society, c/o Bruce Baker, 33 Coughlin Road, North Easton, MA 02356