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The Ames Society is coordinating a DNA testing project for those of the Ames/Eames surname.  You do not have to be member of the Ames Society in order to participate.  The laboratory that will conduct the DNA testing is Family Tree DNA.  Please read below for more information.

Why is DNA important to genealogists and to the Ames Society?
DNA can be used to confirm your family tree.  In the Ames Society, we use the results of our members’ test to compile an “archetype” of our Original Settlers’ DNA.  We can compare that archetype with the results of any Ames descendant’s DNA test to confirm their linage.  As a participant, you can confirm your own lineage to our archetype and at the same time be assisting other members by adding to our database of knowledge.

Who can take the Ames Society DNA test?
Only males who are direct descendants of an Ames, Eames, or other variation of spelling can take the DNA for the Ames Society.  The DNA test uses the Y-chromosome which is only passed from father to son.  You do not have to be a member and will receive emails from Family Tree DNA when individuals match you.  Membership in the Ames Society will give you access to additional information and results. 

Which test should I take?
We recommend testing at the 37 marker level.  The minimum that you should consider is the 25 marker test.  We recommend that everyone take at least the 25 marker test.  The common generation that we are often interested in is between the 10th and 13th generation away (our Landed Settler).  Looking at the graph below, you see that in taking the 12 marker test, even if you match our archetype 12 for 12 markers, there is still a 60-70% probability of that being accurate.  The higher the number of test markers, the more accurate the results. 


How is the Test Performed?
Your mailed genetic testing kit will contain a cheek scraper and a collection tube along with instructions.  Using the scraper on the inside of your cheek is no more painful than brushing that region with your toothbrush.

Results of Your Test
Family Tree DNA makes results available to their customers both electronically and by regular mail.  When they receive your kit and check it in, a personal page is created and an email is sent with your password, so that you can track the progress of your test.

When the lab completes a test, they upload the results to their database and notify you via email that the results are available online.  A certificate and a report are also sent to you by regular mail.

The Ames Society is also contacted with your DNA results since you are a member of our project.  Once we compare your results with those on file, we will contact you and to discuss it.  We have a webpage in the member’s section of the website dedicated to our DNA project and will update that information as we get it.  All personal information will be kept private by both the Ames Society and Family Tree DNA.

Ordering a DNA Test
You can order online and get a lower group rate through the Ames Society’s DNA project.  Simply go to the following link and order online that test online:  Family Tree DNA - Ames group   We strongly recommend that you take at least the 37 marker test.

If you have any questions about our DNA program, please contact us.