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Why a Surname Society?

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Why a Surname Society you may ask?

After some 50 years of family research, I have heard all the horror stories.  For example, Mrs. Ames spent many years collecting photos, letters and doing research of her Ames/Eames past.  Then the day comes that the family is informed that she passed away.  These days, relatives live far away and the instructions go out to get her apartment ready for sale.  I bet that all her work was taken to the curbside and disposed of.  What a shame!  We often find that only one person in a family has an interest in the history of their line.

The other problem is that in America, we seem to have the idea that if it is print, it is gospel.  The Ames Society is here to collect and document all information on a person who was part of the Ames/Eames clan.  If information is shared, we even recheck the data and record the sources to assure we are doing our best to preserve the past.

You will note that we are a Washington State non-profit 501C(3) Society.  Such assures that the work continues forever, after we pass on.  As a non-profit organization, we welcome donations to expand our work and you are allowed deduct the value of your gift in your yearly taxes.

Most important, we welcome your consideration to join your other cousins in this endeavor as a member.  Membership in the Ames Society allows you access to the membership section of our website which is growing all the time.

Stafford-Ames Morse
President, Ames Society