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Our online newsletter is a dynamic series of webpages that cover many topics of interest to our members.  Newsletter articles allow us to go into depth about interesting individuals with the Ames or Eames surname.  We publish articles that educate our members about conducting genealogical research.  Members are encouraged to contribute articles or ideas.  Below is a sample of a short newsletter article.


Rebecca (Blake) Ames and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692

At about age 53 Rebecca was among the spectators for Rev. George Burroughs' hanging on Gallows Hill, Salem, on Aug. 19, 1692.  She was in a house near the scene of the execution; and while there "the woman of the house" felt a pin stuck into her foot, as she said.  Rebecca, not being as good as she might have been, was pointed out as the one who did it; and two warrants were issued for her arrest.  She was imprisoned for witchcraft; stood trial, confessed and was sentenced to death.  She was reprieved March 1693 after seven months in jail.  Applied to selectmen for assistance when her husband died.  After her husband's death, she applied for assistance and she and her children were then taken in for winter 1693-94 by John Peabody. She applied for and had her name cleared and restitution paid in 1710.

The trial transcripts are available online by clicking here.