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Life Membership

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Life Membership in the Ames Society

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for those interested to become Lifetime Members of the Society.  This eliminates the need for paying annual dues.  For those who have prepaid their annual membership and apply to become a Life Member, the balance of their prepayment will be applied to the Life Membership Fee.  For example, if you are 56 years old and have prepaid for 2 additional years, your cost for a Life Membership would be $270 ($300 fee - $30 in prepayment).  Below is the schedule of fees for Life Membership:

Age levels for Life Membership Fees

39 and under $500
40-49 $400
50-59 $300
60-69 $200
70 and over $100
Fees in US dollars

To join the Society as either an annual or Life member, click here.

Monies collected from Life Memberships will be separate from the Ames Society's general fund.  Only the interest earned in the current year may be used and then only at the discretion of a majority of The Ames Society's Board of Directors. Interest not used in the year it was earned will be considered additional principal.  This will ensure that the Society will always be able to support the costs of our Life Members.